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A new class of odometry solutions

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Doppler lidar + IMU

GNSS-denied navigation is a long-standing challenge. Navigation with inertial measurement units (IMU) suffers from position drift. A Doppler lidar can measure its own velocity directly, relative to local terrain. This is not possible with "conventional" pulsed lidars. Velocity data can be used to significantly reduce drift.

How it works ...

Proprietary FMCW engine

Simple and reliable integrated photonics architecture. Optimized for navigation applications. Patents pending.


Key benefits

    Visual Odometry and SLAM

  • Odometry during GNSS/VO outages
  • Precise pose for reduced computing loads
  • Ground truth point clouds
  • High update rate >20Hz
  • Immunity to interferences
  • No illumination or texture needed

    For UAV and UGV

  • Small size, weight and power
  • No moving parts, vibration tolerant
  • Imaging altimeter for take off and landing
  • Operation in camera-blinding fog, dust, rain
  • Detection of thin obstacles (wire, branch)
  • Eye-safe, invisible

Doppler INS for UAVs

Long range Doppler lidar
9-axis IMU + barometer + GNSS
Advanced navigation filter

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Doppler INS for UGVs

Short range Doppler lidar
6-axis IMU
Advanced navigation filter

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